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Cookidoo Favourites Vol. 2

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A great addition to your Thermomix® library, this book brings together seven of the most popular collections on Cookidoo® over the past 12 months. Providing inspiration for breakfasts, international breads, main course dishes using chicken or salmon as well as vegan options, on the go snacks and ever-popular biscuits, it’s no surprise that these were the top rated collections of the year.

About this cookbook

Whether you’re looking for a quick weekday meal or a baked sweet treat, we are thrilled that so many of you are embracing Cookidoo®. With the launch of the Cook-Key®, connecting your Thermomix® to our online recipe platform, and the warm reception of Cookidoo® Favourites Vol. 1, this second volume was the next logical step to showing our appreciation of your continued passion for Cookidoo®.

We love seeing which collections you’re saving and which recipes you’re adding to your weekly planners. This book brings together seven of the most popular collections on Cookidoo®, and is a true testament to how many of you are using Thermomix® for all your daily culinary needs.

We start with what some say is the most important meal of the day, making quick, tasty and nutritious breakfast bowls, before showcasing a selection of bread recipes from around the world. Three chapters on mains have all bases covered with Mediterranean baked chicken dishes, healthy salmon dinners and vegan mains. We finish with snacks for when you’re on the move and cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bringing together these well-loved collections, we hope that you’ll find some new favourites in here too.

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